Dietary assessment and physical activity measurements toolkit


Update: 20 January 2014

The MRC Diet and Physical Activity (DAPA) Measurement Toolkit is currently undergoing a major upgrade.  This process will:
  • greatly improve its content, accessibility, and ease-of-use;
  • include new sections explaining the methods available for different life stages
  • expand its remit to include methods for the assessment of smoking, alcohol use and bone assessment;
  • include a more comprehensive and informative selection tool to identify a valid and appropriate method for any typical study design. 
  • provide additional training resources and analysis tools to demonstrate the practical aspects of various assessment methodologies

We would very much welcome your contribution to this process. So please do feedback any comments or suggestions to

Alternatively you can apply to become a member of our Toolkit User Group, which will have access to the new site as it evolves.  Applicants need only be actively engaged in health sciences research and interested in measuring one or more of the variables to be included in the new site.



Welcome to the Diet and Physical Activity Measurement Toolkit!

The choice of method to measure diet and physical activity is of fundamental importance and must be suitable to measure the aspect of diet or physical activity relevant to the research question. Interactive decision matrixes are provided to guide researchers in this process in tandem with practical considerations that may dictate the ultimate choice of method. The perfect measure of diet or physical activity does not exist and the choice of method is often a trade-off between the sophistication and therefore quality of the method and the resources available.


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